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Ann Murphy

An engagement with materials, and the exploration of transition,

transformation and process - informed by her training in psychoanalysis - are

at the heart of Ann Murphy’s practice.

She is interested in transitions in states of consciousness, the territory

between integration and unintegration, waking and sleeping, presence and

absence, and her sculptures and installations propose a visual language for

such liminal states.

Light is a crucial element in her fragile sculptural installations, both revealing

and concealing as it changes throughout the day, and the delicacy and

transparency of the materials contributes to the illusion that they are hovering

between emerging and dissolving.

She uses a variety of inconsequential and unconventional materials, including

seaweed, feathers, nails, wire, raw silk fibres, cotton, hemp, interlining and

padding, paper and porcelain.

She holds an MA in Visual Arts Practices from Dun Laoghaire Institute of

Art, Design and Technology, completed in 2011.

Exhibitions include Fugue State (2014) a two-person show with Christine

Lebeck, at Mermaid Arts Centre; a solo show, Transitional/Transitive, Dublin

Castle, 2012; a group show, Metamorphosis, curated by Rowan Sexton, in

PS2 in Belfast in 2012; and group shows at The LAB, Dublin, in 2011 and

2010. Her work is represented in both private and corporate collections.

She lecture in Psychoanalysis in Trinity College Dublin, and has a practice in

clinical psychoanalysis.



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